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Expand your foreign vocabulary with
My Lingua Cards!

Interactive cards with interval repetition for effective memorising and practising pronunciation.

About our platform

Main features

My Lingua Cards - is an innovative approach to learning foreign words. Our methodology is based on interval repetition, which allows you to consolidate your knowledge for a long time. Thanks to bi-directional training, you will not only learn new words, but also learn to actively use them.

Personalized approach using AI assistant for reinforcing learned words

The AI assistant is deployed to enhance the process of reinforcing already acquired words through carefully selected repetition methods, applying individualized approaches to practice and knowledge consolidation. It adapts learning strategies according to the user's needs, ensuring the most effective absorption of material.

Bidirectional spaced repetition for improved memorization

The technique of bidirectional spaced repetition uniquely combines the benefits of spaced repetition and mutual activation of words, significantly improving memory retention and material hold. This method not only allows for learning new words but also strengthens knowledge of previous ones through strategic repetitions, ensuring deep language acquisition.

Extensive content and professional voiceover

Each card on the platform contains not only the basic translation of a word but also its transcription, detailed description, synonyms, antonyms, as well as numerous examples of use in various contexts. Professional voiceover of each card further facilitates correct pronunciation and improves auditory perception, making learning enriching and maximally effective.

Convenient systematization and easy access

All words and phrases are already carefully formatted and systematized on the platform, eliminating the need for independent search and preparation of material for study. Users are provided with a wide selection of words to add to their individual learning plan, ensuring easy access to extensive and diverse content. This significantly saves time and effort, allowing to focus directly on the learning process.

Learning languages

Take the first important step towards learning a new language - get ready to make choices that will open the door to a world of endless possibilities and new discoveries!

Our advantages

Advantages of use My Lingua Cards

Your journey to mastering a new language is made easy and enjoyable with My Lingua Cards smart learning system. We use innovative strategies that stimulate both visual and auditory memory for deeper learning.

The longer intervals between repetitions are in line with the principles of cognitive psychology, allowing you to achieve long-term memorisation with minimal effort. Use our advantage of structured practice to learn new words quickly and reliably, feel confident in your knowledge, whether you are translating from or into your native language.

In addition, the My Lingua Cards platform not only opens the door to learning a new language, but also promotes the comprehensive development of your skills. In the process, you will not only learn a foreign language, but also actively train your memory, which has a positive effect on the development of language skills and speech in your native language. This not only increases your erudition, but is also an effective preventive measure against brain diseases, keeping your brain active and healthy throughout your life. So, by choosing My Lingua Cards, you are investing not only in learning a new language, but also in your overall intellectual development and well-being.

  • Professional voiceover
  • Interval repetition
  • Bidirectional training
  • Use of AI assistant
  • Detailed descriptions and examples
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Our tariffs

Choose the option that suits you and start learning foreign words with maximum efficiency. We offer flexible pricing plans to help you get the best results from your new vocabulary.

Trial Access

Free of charge

Discover the features of our platform with no obligation.

  • Access to the first 200 words (different levels)
  • All basic training features included
  • Up to 2 hours of daily use
  • Duration - 1 month
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Favourable tariff

$38.39 / 6 mo

$67.19 / 12 mo

The best offer for those interested in long-term progress.

  • Access to the entire word catalogue
  • AI assistant for personalised study support
  • Daily usage up to 2 hours (with possibility to increase)
  • Duration - 6 months Duration - 12 months
  • Significant savings on long term subscriptions

Standard tariff

$7.99 / mo

Advanced features for more intensive study.

  • Access to the entire word catalogue
  • AI assistant for personalised study support
  • Daily usage up to 2 hours (with possibility to increase)
  • Duration - 1 month
Learning process

Optimising the learning process

This section contains answers to frequently asked questions to help you get the most out of our word learning platform. Here you will find tips on learning techniques, memorisation strategies and other advice to help you improve your language learning experience.

Stability is the key to successfully learning new words. It is recommended that you take time to study every day. This will help speed up the memorisation process and make it more natural.
Repeating the material aloud promotes better memorisation and trains pronunciation. Shadoing (repeating after the speaker) helps to improve listening comprehension and learn correct intonation patterns.
Yes, striving to fully understand the material ensures that you can use words correctly in context. It also helps you develop critical thinking skills in a foreign language.
As soon as you come across an unknown word, immediately add it to your study list. This will allow you to systematically expand your vocabulary.
Do not worry if a word is not memorised immediately. Sometimes you need to repeat it 3-5 times to remember it. The method of interval repetition will help to consolidate the word over time.
Everyone chooses the time to study individually, depending on their schedule and preferences. However, remember that short sessions of 5-10 minutes may be less effective than longer sessions. Regular use of new words in context, for example through back translation, will help to consolidate them in your memory.

We are always on call to help you!

Do you have questions, suggestions or need support? We are always happy to help you improve your language learning experience. Get in touch with our team via our feedback form, email or social media. We aim to respond to all enquiries quickly and efficiently so that your experience of using our platform is as positive as possible. Feel free to share your ideas or ask for help - together we will make language learning even more exciting!

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